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5 Tips for Identifying A Rodent Infestation!

The most inconvenient and unease situation for homeowners is finding rodents, mice, and other related pests in their homes. Indeed, such tiny and harmful insects are a cause of various diseases, including infectious jaundice, murine typhus and salmonella, and many others.

However, what could be the reason for rodent infestation?

Well, rodents’ frequent living areas are dumpsters, sewers, trash heaps, and other filthy, bacteria-laden areas. While crawling around, they leave behind droppings and harmful bacterias, which isn’t good for human beings. Hence, various health problems start ranking.

That’s why it becomes essential to identify early signs of rodents and other pests. An early examination and detection could be a safe alternative to getting sick. Rodents are like mice and rats. But, according to their behaviour, habits, and food preferences, you can identify differences between them. Once you know which species you’re dealing with, such information makes rodent removal efforts easy.

Even taking the assistance of a well-reputable pest control organization is also an excellent idea. We, as experts of pest control in Singapore, first make a thorough inspection and then employ the application of pest control treatments. 

So, let’s find out how to identify a rodent infestation!

How to Identify a Rodent Infestation?

  • Rodent Droppings

Rodents leave behind dropping and various parasites while crawling around the places. You make identification of droppings as they’re dark and moist. Such substances are usually found near food packages, in drawers or cupboards, under sinks, in hidden areas, and along rodent runways. Nesting or feeding areas of rodents are also the common places where the highest number of droppings will be found. Hence, it’s essential to thoroughly inspect your house carefully to determine the active rodent infestation.

  • Gnaw Marks

Rodents have sharp edge teeth to create holes in walls, corners, baseboards, food packages, boxes, insulation and other numerous items and materials. They constantly chew on things and leave gnaw marks. The newly observed marks are light in colour. Whereas, older marks become darker as they age. Such marks represent the availability of rodent infestation. So, if you find a small piece of paper, cupboards, and wires in your house, it’s time to contact an exterminator for further examination and remove them.

  • Tracks and Runways

Runways and tracks are another major way to find out rodent infestation. The continued activation of rodents in a house most likely shows distinctive tracks. By using a flashlight or blacklight, you can easily identify tracks at an angle toward the suspected area. In case, if smudge marks, footprints, urine stains, or droppings continue to appear, drop a very thin layer of flour or powder along the way. Through this, you can easily find the trails. 

  • Hear Scratching Noises

Hearing continuously scratching, scampering, gnawing noises from inside the walls is another reason for rodent infestation. Such small pests like cockroaches and termites can easily invade a home even through a tiny hole. However, rodents show most of the activation during the night, which could be turned into nightmares. 

  • Dirt Smears

Rodents never stick to a similar route. And since their activity continues, they not only leave droppings on a route but also leave greasy, dirt smears on places they frequently cross. If you notice such activation, it’s time to hire pest control professionals who are well aware of different treatment methods. 

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