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How To Get Rid Of Termites Inside Your Furniture?

Did you find small piles of wood dust around the bed or sofa area?

Of course, termites have already attacked your home. Termites love to chew wood. Doesn’t matter how expensive the furniture is, termites can turn them into wood dust in a few hours. Sometimes, it becomes quite difficult to get rid of them as they’re hard to see with bare eyes.

However, don’t worry! Carrying simple and frequent treatment methods can eliminate the infestation of such pests. This will also save you from a lot of trouble, like spending extra money on repairing furniture.

It’s hard to detect the presence of termites until you see considerable damage or large colonies of them. In such a scenario, a pest control professional proves a full sigh of relief. How? Such experts know – how to deal with such pests and how to stop their invading the house. So, if your inspection successfully detects the presence of termites, it’s time to take some safety preventive measures to get rid of pests. Our termites treatment in Singapore doesn’t only provide 100% guaranteed results but also makes home termite-free.

We, as an expert in handling termites, are going to represent some effective tips for eliminating the spread of termite infestation.

Tips to Getting Rid of Termites Inside Your Furniture

Parasite Trap

To create a trap, you need regular sheets of cardboard. They must be moistened with water and placed in insect habitats. Cardboard sheets are an excellent lure tool. This is because cellulose is the main food for parasites. After termites have fallen into the trap, you need to take the cardboard away from the house and completely burn it.

Boric Acid

This remedy is one of the most effective in the fight against parasites. The mode of action of the solution is to destroy the nervous system of termites by dehydration. So, it’s necessary to apply the product to wood or other materials with a high cellulose content. Now, place the bait next to the activities of the parasites. A boric acid solution is also suitable for trees where insects can live.

Use of Nematodes

These small worms are natural enemies of termites. They enter the body of the termites and kill them within two days. The body of termites for small nematodes is an ideal place for their own reproduction and development. Thus, it’s quite possible to solve the problem of the appearance of pests in a wooden house with their help. Finding nematodes in your garden won’t work. They can be purchased at a gardening store or online. Moreover, it’s advisable to use these worms immediately, especially if the temperature of the soil in which they’re purchased is more than + 15 ° C.

Light and Cold

You can get rid of termites in a wooden house both with the help of sunlight and by freezing. However, it’s possible to apply one of these methods only in cases where parasites have been found in certain interior items. You can take the affected furniture outside and leave it for a couple of days. At the same time, make sure that the sun’s rays fall on it as long as possible. It’s also suitable for rainy regions where the sun rarely pleases with its light. If you find the termites in winter, the furniture can be taken out in the cold and left for three days.

Let’s Summarize

Dwell on our pest control services in Singapore and get your house free from termites! We are real professionals in controlling the spread of termites and saving your money. Usually, when termites start invading the house, they damage the construction of wooden furniture. However, Don’t worry! We’re here for you in providing an effective solution for getting rid of termites invasion.

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