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In Singapore, rats and rodents are a significant urban challenge, often found in sewers, public spaces, and residences. These adaptable creatures can spread diseases such as leptospirosis and salmonella through their urine and droppings. They also pose a risk of property damage, as they can gnaw through wires, potentially causing electrical fires, and contaminate food supplies. The presence of rats and rodents can lead to serious public health concerns, making effective pest management essential.

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Know Your Pest

The Problem With Rats in Singapore

Rodents and rats in Singapore can cause a spectrum of problems, from gnawing through packaging and wires to leaving hazardous droppings. They’re not only a nuisance but also carriers of diseases and a threat to public health. Rat infestations can lead to significant asset damage and safety risks, including food contamination and electrical fires due to chewed cables.

Dealing with a rat problem can be approached in two ways: DIY methods, such as traps and poison, or hiring a professional pest control service. While DIY options may catch a few rodents, professionals from Eminent Pest Control can assess the risk level of your premises, eliminating infestations and preventing future ones. Our solutions are comprehensive, focusing on protecting your reputation, complying with health regulations, preventing food poisoning, and ensuring your peace of mind.

Control & Treatment Methods

Our Pest-Free Expert Treatments

  • Integrated Rodent Control Program
  • Common Rats Species in Singapore

Our integrated rodent control program involves:

  • A detailed inspection of your property, such as homes and restaurants, to determine the most effective treatment plan.
  • Rodent-proofing measures, which include sealing up cracks and crevices to prevent entry.
  • Mechanical deterrents and repellents to create an environment unattractive to rodents.
  • A variety of trapping methods, including cages, glue boards, or snap traps.
  • The use of rodenticides to quickly manage high-density rat populations, when necessary.


The common rats species in Singapore are:

  • Norway or Sewer Rats (Rattus Norvegicus)
  • Roof Rat (Rattus Rattus Diardii)
  • Little Mouse Rat (Rattus Exulans)
  • House Mouse (Mus Musculus)


Rodents are drawn to the smell of most foods consumed by humans, showing a preference for fresh over decayed items. They have become accustomed to human scent, so our odor on baits or traps typically does not deter them. However, they may exhibit bait shyness, often avoiding new objects in their environment initially and only approaching traps or baits after a few days once they've become familiar with them.



Rats are a common urban pest in cities like Singapore, known for their adaptability and destructive behavior. These rodents are notorious for their gnawing habits, which can lead to electrical damage and structural harm. They are drawn to human habitats due to easy access to food and shelter.

Mostly found in:
Reproduction & Life Cycle:

Rats reproduce rapidly with females giving birth to several litters a year, each containing up to a dozen pups. These rodents can mature and start reproducing within a month, leading to quick infestations.



15cm to 28cm (body length)


Grey or brown with a lighter underside

Unique Feature

Sharp incisors that continuously grow

Damages Overview

Rat & Rodents Damages Overview

What Damage can rodents do to us or our properties?

Rats are notorious for their destructive behavior, causing havoc in homes, offices, and businesses across Singapore. These gnawing pests can chew through almost anything – electrical wiring, insulation, and even structural wood, leading to potential fire hazards and costly repairs. They contaminate food supplies with their droppings, pose health risks with diseases they carry, and can seriously harm a business’s reputation.

Common Damages

Structural Damage

Wiring & Plumbing

Food Sources

Living Areas

Encountering Rat Infestation?

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The Hidden Threat

Common Breeding Grounds For Rats

Cluttered Spaces

Piles of debris and clutter offer rats hiding spots.

Dark Corners

Rats favor dark, undisturbed areas.

Food Storage

Places where food is stored without proper sealing.


Sewers and drains provide ideal habitats for rats.

Rat Treatment

What Are The Best Rat Treatments In Singapore?

Understanding rat behavior and infestation signs is key to effective management. Implementing proactive measures can significantly reduce rat populations. Key control strategies include:


    Close off small openings with wire mesh or caulk to prevent rat entry.


    Store food in rat-proof containers and dispose of waste securely.


    Clear out junk from attics, basements, and yards to eliminate rat hiding spots.


    Check for signs of rat activity frequently and address any findings immediately.


    Consider Eminent Pest Control's expert services for comprehensive rat control, which includes habitat modification, trapping, and safe, targeted use of rodenticides.

Why Choose Us?

Trust Eminent Pest Control for expert, safe, and effective pest solutions. Our proven track record and commitment to eco-friendly practices make us the preferred choice.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Signs of a rat infestation include droppings, gnaw marks, damaged goods, nests or piled nesting materials, and unusual pet behavior. If you notice any of these signs, it may be time to call a professional.

Rats can carry diseases, cause structural damage by chewing through wires and materials, and contaminate food sources, posing health risks to occupants.

While small infestations can sometimes be managed with DIY solutions, larger infestations often require professional expertise to ensure complete eradication and to prevent future problems.

Eminent Pest Control offers comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific situation. Our experts use a combination of exclusion techniques, baits, and traps to effectively control rat populations and keep your property safe.

Preventing rat infestations involves securing food sources, sealing entry points, reducing clutter, and regular inspections. For a detailed prevention plan and professional advice, contact Eminent Pest Control.

You can reach out to us through our website, phone, or email. We offer timely responses and can schedule an inspection to assess and address your pest control needs.