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Booklice Pest Control & Treatment Services in Singapore

Are you seeking booklice pest control and treatment in Singapore?
Our specialised booklice pest control service in Singapore is designed to tackle infestations swiftly and efficiently. With our expertise and tailored treatment, we ensure thorough eradication of booklice from your premises, providing you with peace of mind.

Booklice are prevalent in humid environments, making them a frequent concern in places like Singapore. When these pests become a persistent issue, it’s crucial to seek the expertise of a booklice pest control specialist. Thriving in damp conditions, booklice are drawn to moisture-rich environments where they can proliferate. They may invade homes through various means, including wooden materials, and rapidly reproduce. Additionally, molds that flourish in moist areas serve as a primary food source for these pests, exacerbating the problem. Therefore, managing humidity and dampness is a key step in controlling booklice infestations.

Control & Treatment Methods

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Pest Control & Treatment Methods

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Booklice Love Humid Areas

Booklice is a common problem in humid areas, and Singapore is no exception. If you are unable to get rid of them, it becomes imperative to engage a booklice pest control service in Singapore.

They Also Love Damp Conditions

They find damp and moist conditions favourable for their growth. These bugs can come through any source, such as wood or any other stuff, and breed. Mould growing in wet areas becomes the food source of the booklice.

Superheated Steam Application

Booklice cannot survive in temperatures over 40°C, thus the superheated steam treatment is a highly efficient and non-toxic method to get rid of them. Our experts use superheated steam to destroy booklice and their eggs in all infected areas.

Residual Spray

Our residual spray delivers a pesticide that targets the booklice’s nervous system to the point of death, making it ideal for a fast knockdown treatment. This approach leaves a residue on surfaces and is effective for up to one month to eliminate any last remaining booklice.



Booklice, also known as psocids, are tiny, soft-bodied insects often found in damp environments. While they resemble lice, they are not true lice and do not bite or spread diseases.

Mostly found in:
Reproduction & Life Cycle:

Booklice reproduce quickly, especially in warm, humid conditions. Females lay small clusters of eggs which hatch into nymphs. These nymphs undergo several molts before reaching adulthood. Their lifecycle from egg to adult can be as short as a few weeks, depending on environmental conditions.



Range between 1 to 6 mm


Variable coloured species of booklice


Depends. Up to 4 wings

Controlling Method

1. Humidity Control

Lower humidity below 50% using dehumidifiers and improving air circulation to deter booklice.

2. Regular Cleaning

Frequent cleaning and dusting in affected areas to remove booklice and prevent their food sources.

3. Professional Treatment

Engage pest control professionals for effective treatment in severe booklice infestations.

Encountering Booklice Infestation?

Get your FREE inspection and enjoy a 10% discount if you enquire with the promo code: BL10OFF


How To Get Rid Of Booklice Infestation At Home?

To conduct your own DIY booklice control
 in your home in Singapore, you must follow a few tips:


    You can use the vacuum on carpeted surfaces or walls for booklice control. Booklice can be stuck to corners, and it will help in cleaning them.


    Spoiled packages are likely to be infested by booklice. So, you will have to get rid of them entirely.


    These bugs might be clinging to the wall so you can clean them thoroughly for booklice control in Singapore. But, do not forget to dry them thoroughly to avoid any moisture.


    Booklice thrive in humidity, so you should reduce the moisture to decrease the chances of mould growth and booklice infestation.

Our Methods

How we do it?

We tackle booklice with a strategic approach, combining advanced technology and eco-friendly methods.


Our targeted residual spray safely and effectively eradicates booklice, posing no harm to humans or pets. This specialized, stain-free spray requires expert application, showcasing our unique expertise in providing this efficient booklice solution in Singapore.

Before & After Residual Spraying


Lowering the humidity below 50% with dehumidifiers or improving ventilation can deter booklice, as they thrive in moist conditions.



Materials like diatomaceous earth or silica gel can absorb moisture from booklice bodies, causing them to dehydrate and die.



Regular vacuuming of books, papers, and prone areas can help remove booklice and their eggs. Dispose of the vacuum bag contents in a sealed bag immediately after use.


Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping storage areas clean and free from mold and excess moisture can prevent booklice infestations.


Why Choose Us?

Trust Eminent Pest Control for expert, safe, and effective pest solutions. Our proven track record and commitment to eco-friendly practices make us the preferred choice.


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Call us for your free site inspection worth $2xx at +65 80277221 today or write to us at

Enjoy a 10% discount if you enquire with the promo code: BL10OFF

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We’re here to help.

There are indeed many DIY solutions out there that can be found online. However, unlike a professional, one might not be able to detect the root cause of the booklice infestation, and moreover, might not have an effective solution to ensure that infestation does not happen again. Lastly, every premise is unique, and at times there might not be a one-size-fits-all approach to your pest issue. Thus, it is recommended to engage a professional for booklice pest control and treatment in Singapore.

Booklice feed on mold, fungi, or any remnants found on decaying organic materials. They are commonly found in moist and warm places; in areas with poor ventilation. 

Booklice sizes really depend on the type of species. Their sizes range from 1 to 7mm.

Booklice do not chew on human or animal flesh, thus they will not bite your occupants. The main issue with booklice is that they can cause disruption to your assets and can potentially cause food contamination. They are mainly a nuisance and if found on your leftover food, it could indicate that your food is old and spoilt.

If you manage to find them, you should start by checking areas that often left untouched, such as: your kitchen sink, plumbing areas, gutters, and walls. Check if your grout is missing, and if the areas that are getting mouldy have those booklice lying around. Afterward, start by removing any infected items, and proceed to add in dehumidifiers; aimed at reducing moisture. Start by using bleach to kill the mold and mildew growing in your areas, proceed to wipe off and booklice lying around.