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Eminent Pest Control offers particularly created solutions for termite pest control in Singapore. We try to meet the needs, requirements, and budget of every customer. All our thorough inspection and termites treatment in Singapore are supported with a comprehensive warranty catered for termites pest control.

Advantages of getting a Professional Termite Control Service in Singapore: 

1. Identifying the type of termites that are infesting your home.

2. Determining the best course of termite treatment.

3. Provide a comprehensive plan to eradicate termites. 

4. Regular inspections and termite treatments.

5. Provide you with a warranty on their work.

Eminent Pest Control is one of the most popular and trusted termite control companies and has been servicing Singapore for many years. 

Termites Treatment Solutions In Singapore

These pests have the potential to damage the structure of any place, be it your home or office. It is important to get professional help from Termites Services to ensure that these pests are controlled and do not affect the integrity of your premise. Our professional team understands the reproduction cycle and feeding habits of this insect. Therefore, allowing us to know exactly the right termite pest solution to employ.

Everything from:

  • Termites Inspection
  • Termites Baiting System
  • Termites Soil Treatment
  • Termites Proofing
  • Termites Corrective Control

What Is Termite Soil Treatment

What is Termites Baiting System?

A termite baiting system is a pest control system that uses termite bait stations to eliminate termites. The system works by placing bait stations around the perimeter of a property. The bait stations are monitored, and when termites are found, the bait is replaced with a new bait with a higher insecticide concentration. The termites take the bait back to their colony where they share it with other termites, resulting in the death of the entire termites inside the colony.

There are two types of termite baiting systems: active and passive. Active systems require regular monitoring and maintenance, while passive systems do not. Passive systems are more popular because they are easier to maintain and require less attention.

Termite baiting systems are an effective way to control termites. They are safe for the environment and humans, and they don’t require the use of pesticides.


Most homeowners are unaware that they have a termite problem until they see the telltale signs of termite infestation. Some common symptoms of termites include:

  • Seeing swarms of winged insects in your home or around your property; these are termites that are looking for a new place to establish a colony
  • Termites create mud tubes on the exterior of your home and the foundation of the house as they travel back and forth from their nest to your house.
  • Damaged wood in your home; termites eat wood from the inside out, so you may see surface damage that appears to be from water damage or insects
  • Hollow-sounding wood; this indicates that termites have eaten the wood from the inside

The sooner you get rid of termites, the better for your home. 

What Are The Best Ways That I Can Do for Termites Control?

It is important to understand their biology and behavior to effectively control termites. Once you know what attracts them to your home and how they operate, you can develop a customized plan to prevent them from causing damage. Some general tips to keep in mind include: 

-Reducing moisture in and around your home since termites are attracted to damp conditions

-Eliminating wood-to-soil contact, which provides them with a pathway into your home.

-Keeping mulch and other organic matter away from your foundation

-Inspecting for signs of termite damage regularly and addressing any issues promptly

Contacting Eminent Pest Control is the best way to control termites and for the needed soil treatment in your area.

The Complete Termite Soil Treatment Process


The first stage involves the construction of a chemical barrier beneath the building structure to prevent them from entering the building (they can enter from their nest in the soil into the building).

Pre-construction (Termite Soil Treatment)

The soil treatment begins; where the soil is saturated with the termiticide solution. This involves power spraying with a pump pressure; directed at the compacted soil surface area.

The termiticide solution will aim at collapsing their colony. All these are done with the ants being unaware of it as it does not have a distinct smell that can be picked up by them.

To prevent leakage by rain and damage by the sun, the treated areas are then covered with a polythene sheet straight after the power spraying is done. Lastly, concrete will be poured on top of the sheet.

Post-construction (Corrective Treatment)

The termiticide solution will aim at collapsing their colony. All these are done with the ants being unaware of it as it does not have a distinct smell that can be picked up by them.

To prevent leakage by rain and damage by the sun, the treated areas are then covered with a polythene sheet straight after the power spraying is done. Lastly, concrete will be poured on top of the sheet.

Post-construction (Corrective Treatment)

To control subterranean insects that have already invaded a building, a termiticide formulation is injected into the soil (that is surrounding the foundation) to create a chemical barrier. A hole will be drilled into areas that are connected to the foundation (such as patios, sidewalks, etc.) and this also includes drilling slab floors along the walls foundations. Lastly, the holes will be resealed.

Types Of Termites : Drywood / Subterranean Termites

Underground Soil

(Subterranean termites)

Infested Wooden Furniture

(Drywood termites)

Travel via Mud Tubes

(Subterranean termites)

Flying Alates

(Termites with wings)

Why Engage Us For Termite Control?

Drywood termites

These live in small colonies that have an organisation of at least thousands of individuals in it. They exist in the solid dry wood, above the ground level. Drywood does not require humidity to thrive; they can grow only in 2.5 – 3% moisture. You will find this type in places, such as floorings, wood furniture, dead trees, and any kind of soft or hardwood structures.

You can easily find signs of dry wood through their faecal pellet droppings. Also, the damaged, dry wood of goods, such as pianos, furniture, or bed frames, indicate the presence of dry wood types.

Subterranean Termites

As compared to dry wood termites, subterranean ones reside within the soil. You would need to find different nesting places. Some species of subterraneans are quite common in Singapore, such as coptotermes. It causes destruction in homes and damages the wooden structure in many places.

These are a few characteristics of subterraneans:

  • They have a whole colony system, including a queen, soldiers, and workers.
  • Soldiers type usually produce a clicking sound by tapping their heads on the surface they have infested.
  • The tunnel made by them of soil and wood gets hard due to their saliva and excrement.
  • They cause excessive damage to the internal structure of wood.
  • They cause the uneven surface of the wooden panel due to damage.

Damages Caused By Termites

Pile of powdery wood: Evidence of drywood termite activity

Electrical wirings can be damaged, posing fire risks

Termites feed from the inside out & consume beyond timber

Termite damage not only weakens structure, it also brings large financial implications

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Why Choose Eminent Pest Control


Eminent Pest Control utilizes various methods for effective termites control in Singapore. Some of these termites treatment Singapore solutions are:

Above/Under Ground Bait And Monitoring

This method includes treatments that can damage their moulting processes. Due to this, the growth of infestation stops and starts decreasing. All the favourable areas for their growth are treated through this treatment. It protects your home and property without causing any additional damage. At Eminent Pest Control, we also brief you about the whole process and come back to monitor the progress.

Dry Foam And Syringe Treatment

Eminent Pest Control singapore

Specific Solutions

Each home can have different types of pest infestations or at various locations. Eminent Pest Control, look for the root cause of the problem, and protect your home from any future invasions. Our scientific approach helps in getting pests by implementing a solution, particularly made for your home. Our staff and technicians are well-trained and experienced in examining and executing treatments. They can quickly identify, report, give treatment, and follow-up for maintenance.

What You Get From Eminent Pest Control

Eminent Pest Control offers a comprehensive examination of your home. After proper investigation, we design a targeted and customised treatment for termite pest control in Singapore. Our treatment focuses on the root cause and uses solutions specific to your home’s particular construction type. We take care of clients’ needs and requirements for ultimate satisfaction.

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